Photopandemia Part 2 – A Glimmer of Spring

Photopandemia is my word for documenting these crazy times photographically. Health officials now advise us to keep 6 feet from other humans and to wear a face mask or scarf in public. So… Continue reading

PhotoPandemia Part 1, Those Were the Days

PhotoPandemia is my word for documenting our new reality photographically. As the Corona virus pandemic advances, our world has gone from normal to lock-down with blinding speed. The world was a different place… Continue reading

Fungus Amongus

Mushrooms have exploded in Dyea and Haines, Alaska, nearly endless shapes and colors. Some the size of a salad plate, some tiny. All fascinating. Paul and Rachel are both mushroom people and taught… Continue reading

Aurora, Glow for Me Once More

Aurora, such a beautiful name conjuring fleeting beauty, illusive mystery, ephemera, and Sleeping Beauty. Briar Rose, in Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty, grew to adulthood not knowing her real name. She was, in… Continue reading

Close Encounters of a Bearish Kind, Part 2: Speedy Goes out for Sushi

Just outside the City of Haines, Alaska, runs the short, but wildlife rich, Chilkoot river. It connects Chilkoot Lake to the ocean. The river is only a mile long and is about as… Continue reading

Close Encounters of the Bearish Kind, Part 1: Boar on the Beach

Why don’t bears like me? They smell me coming and run for cover. Perhaps it’s my Irish Spring soap. My co-workers see bears. My guests show me amazing photos that they have taken… Continue reading

Madame President 2044

I just met Madame President (of the United States, of course) on a Kayak on Chilkoot Lake. Well actually, the future Madame President. I will call her Liz. Liz is 8 years-old. She… Continue reading

Eagles Part 2: Fly Slower Please

In my last blog entry, Eagles Part 1, I bemoaned the fact that eagles refused to fly in my presence. But what happens when an architectural photographer actually encounters a flying eagle? It… Continue reading

Eagles Part 1: Headless Eagles Don’t Fly

Ok, I’m a professional photographer, right. Been making a living as such full time for 12 years, right? I teach photography at the University of Utah, right? So why do I suck at… Continue reading

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

What do grizzly bear cubs do? Rollick on the beach, that’s what. On July 10, 2019, while leading a tour in Haines, Alaska, we pulled over to photograph a bald eagle on the… Continue reading