S1E4, Spring has Sprung. Time to shoot?

Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur I take my evening walk surrounded by fully-blossoming trees and inhale the perfume of spring, my favorite season by far. Winter is death. Spring is resurrection. I… Continue reading

S1E3 Eyes to the Skies

Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur Great architecture deserves great photography. This is the third episode of season one of Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur where I, Utah-based architectural photographer Dana Sohm,… Continue reading

S1E2 Sheer Verticality

Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur Welcome to Season 1, Episode 2 of Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur designed to help you improve the quality of your architectural photography and make your… Continue reading

S1E1 Architectural Photography for the Rank Amateur

At its best, architectural photography is more important that the building itself in conveying the owner and architect’s visions.

2020 . . . in Space

It is January 10, 2021, and looking back to 2020, it has been a pretty uneventful year. No trips to Alaska, no trips to New Zealand. No trips anywhere, actually. Looking back, about… Continue reading

Photopandemia Part 3, They Tried to Drill into My Brain!

I’ll never forget the day they tried, and failed, to drill into my brain. The evening of June 7, 2020, I was feeling crappy and suspected Covid-19. Earlier that day I heard on… Continue reading

Photopandemia Part 2 – A Glimmer of Spring

Photopandemia is my word for documenting these crazy times photographically. Health officials now advise us to keep 6 feet from other humans and to wear a face mask or scarf in public. So… Continue reading

PhotoPandemia Part 1, Those Were the Days

PhotoPandemia is my word for documenting our new reality photographically. As the Corona virus pandemic advances, our world has gone from normal to lock-down with blinding speed. The world was a different place… Continue reading

Fungus Amongus

Mushrooms have exploded in Dyea and Haines, Alaska, nearly endless shapes and colors. Some the size of a salad plate, some tiny. All fascinating. Paul and Rachel are both mushroom people and taught… Continue reading

Aurora, Glow for Me Once More

Aurora, such a beautiful name conjuring fleeting beauty, illusive mystery, ephemera, and Sleeping Beauty. Briar Rose, in Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty, grew to adulthood not knowing her real name. She was, in… Continue reading