Where do the Peacocks Sleep?

I recently had the privilege to photograph the La Caille Restaurant and grounds for Sandy Style, a promotional magazine published by Sandy City and the Sandy Chamber of Commerce. The magazine is now out and is free.

I took these picture mid-December. It was a fridged evening causing my fingers to go stiff and numb and my language to slur as my cheeks chilled.  Does this happen to everyone or just me?

But the light was magical as the sun receded bathing the grounds in blue twilight making the warm lighting seem even more golden.

A surprising collection of lifestock populates the grounds. Rabbits and chickens casually meander across your path as you walk from the parking lot to the restaurant entrance. Pea fowl (peacocks and hens) find their roosting place for the night, on the crest of the steeply slanted rooftops. “Poor things,” I remarked to a parking valet. He replied, “they have a barn to stay in but prefer the roof.” No one knows why, but the pea fowl spend every night on the roof no matter the temperature. It was probably 20 degrees Fahrenheit when I was there at 5;30 pm, and bound to get much colder as the night progressed. But there they were on the roof, exactly where they wanted to be.

There is a powerful parable in the story of the stoic pea fowl. There must be one. Maybe. But I’ll be darned if I know what it is.


La Caille, December, 2009, very cold

The warm, inviting country interior contrasts with the frozen iceland just beyond the window

upstairs dining room

Yup, Peacocks and their mates, on the roof, every night