Corporate Portraiture

I am receiving increasing requests for corporate portraits, usually head shots or 3/4 body shots, used for company resumes or for posting on company websites. I have shot in outdoor locations, in company lobbies, and in studio with professional backdrops and strobes.

My personal favorites are the studio shots. I have complete control of lighting and posing and the finished images have a richness and snappiness that is hard to reproduce on location. I have two backdrops I love most, a multicolored painted cloth backdrop, and a black one. Both produce a rich, professional, and formal look.

Some of my clients prefer outdoor shots for a more casual, playful, look. BHB Engineers combined formal and casual by having employees wear formal dress while posing in sugarhouse park-like setting.

I post recent corporate portraits on my gallery site,, in the “Portraits” category.

Dana Sohm, Sohm Photografx, 801-450-1947, June 3, 2012

Executive Portrait with Multicolored backdrop

Studio Lighting, Black Dackdrop

Formal dress, informal outdoor location

Formal dress, outdoor location

Studio lights, company lobby area