Morning Light Kisses Deer Valley’s St. Regis Hotel

On January 11, 2010, I had the privilege of returning to the sparkling new St. Regis hotel in Deer Valley, this time at dawn to take advantage of the magically soft, color-rich, illumination… Continue reading

What is a Funicular?

Utah’s one and only funicular, perhaps the only one in North America, transports skiers from Deer Valley’s main parking area to Deer Valley’s St. Regis Hotel, hundreds of feet higher near the top… Continue reading

The “Remede” Spa at St. Regis

The St. Regis Hotel hosts a luxurious spa where bathrobe-clad patrons sip purifying water, enjoy calming music, and let their weary ski muscles melt with assortment of messages and skin treatments. A large… Continue reading

Utah’s Garden of Fire

The South deck of Deer Valley’s St. Regis Hotel is warmed by “the Garden of Fire” that continuously burns through lava rock that meanders along one side of the deck. The incongruity of… Continue reading

Quel Surprise! Sohm Photos Sneak into Utah Business Magazine

The December 2009 issue of Utah Business Magazine, at page 36, contains an article about local restaurants that exhibit local artists’ work. Apparently, the practice goes back to 19th Century Paris when impressionistic… Continue reading

Where do the Peacocks Sleep?

I recently had the privilege to photograph the La Caille Restaurant and grounds for Sandy Style, a promotional magazine published by Sandy City and the Sandy Chamber of Commerce. The magazine is now… Continue reading

Mother+Son Exhibit at Lamb’s Grill Cafe Celebrates Love, Joy, and Enthusiasm

A new exhibit  at Lamb’s Grill Cafe, Utah’s oldest and most famous restaurant (literally), features 17 of my portraits of Kristen, a first-time mother, and KC, her infant son. Kristen, a remarkably beautiful… Continue reading

St. Regis Hotel Opens in Deer Valley

The legendary St. Regis has just opened a luxury hotel in a secluded canyon in East Deer Valley. Accessible only though a gated community, the hotel lies nestled in a small valley midway… Continue reading

2010 Flora Artist’s Calendar now available

Each year Sohm Photografx publishes an “artist’s calendar” photographed, printed, and published by the artist, Dana Sohm. The 8.5″x5″ calendar sits conveniently on a desktop with a built-in stand that has footprint of… Continue reading

Premier Issue of Mountain States Construction features Cover photo by Sohm Photografx

Mountain States Construction, a newly consolidated McGraw-Hill Construction publication, picked a Sohm Photografx image for the cover of its premier issue, December 2009. The night photo features a brightly-colored fountain in a newly… Continue reading